What are the costs for an Easy IRA LLC account?

Easy IRA charges a one-time, flat fee of $499* for your account set-up, and a monthly fee of $30 for account administration.

The one-time fee of $499 includes establishing your self-directed IRA at Solera National Bank, preparing your IRA LLC operating agreement, applying for a tax ID number and establishing a bank account on behalf of your IRA LLC.

The $30 per month account administration fee covers all IRA custody fees.

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge additional fees for assets under management.

*$499 applies to an LLC established in Arizona. If you prefer us to establish your LLC outside of Arizona, please refer to the fee schedule.

What other fees can I expect from Easy IRA LLC?

NONE! We will not charge you for anything additional.

  • No transfer fees
  • No roll-over fees
  • No asset re-registration fees
  • No late fees
  • No annual account fees
  • No account termination fees

Keep in mind: There may be costs that are not associated with Easy IRA LLC, such as fees set by your investment issuer and/or bank fees. See our fee schedule if you intend to form an LLC outside of the state of Arizona.

How are your fees lower than others?

We keep your costs low through our product knowledge and the smart use of technology to integrate each step of the process, all while maintaining great customer service.  Our founders each have decades of experience in the self-directed retirement arena and our staff has the knowledge and training to answer your questions and expedite the establishment of your Easy IRA LLC.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge you extra for expedited or premium service. That’s because we provide fast, premium service to all our customers!

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